IBC Tote Recycling

TZ Containers takes pride in picking up your IBC tote tanks around the US. Our goal is to extend the life of each container we bring in to keep it out of landfill, helping you and the planet.

  • No shipping charges
  • Free removal of IBC totes
  • Pick up totes within 24 hours
  • We will pay for totes
  • Removal of 60+ totes

Plus, TZ Containers will pay you for your used totes if they pass our quality inspection. Wherever you are located, we would love to help recycle your used IBC tote tanks. Our IBC tote recycling process is simple and easy:

  • Complete our online form
  • Send photos and SDS of totes
  • Schedule pickup
  • Get paid

Key information:

  • 60 totes fit on a 53′ semi
  • We can pick up 24/7
  • TZ Containers will pay for your totes
  • Tote sizes: 275- & 330-gallon IBC totes
  • IBC tote must be RCRA empty
  • We can clean AND return your totes at our facility
  • Tote manufacturers we recycle: Schutz, Mauser, G-Cube, and Greif IBC Totes

We buy thousands of totes a month and would love to show you how great our service is!

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