Our Production

We use Tote Blaster and Drum Blaster technology along with 135-degree water to clean our IBC totes and containers.

Food grade poly barrels Atlanta

275-Gallon IBC Tote Tanks

We steam clean each IBC tote to be like new

330 gallon Ibc tote tank Atlanta

330-Gallon IBC Tote Tanks

IBC totes cleaned and ready for use

Food grade poly barrels Atlanta

55-Gallon Poly Barrels

Blue cleaned poly barrels

Ibc containers Cincinnati

About Us

TZ Containers is a 275-gallon and 330-gallon IBC tote tank reconditioning company. We also recondition poly barrels. Located in Cincinnati, Ohio, TZ ships out containers across the USA. Our team at TZ Containers provides the best quality service along with exceeding expectations. Our containers are shipped to and bought by farmers, as well as large chemical companies. We utilize high pressure steam cleaners operating at over 135-degrees to clean each container. Technology such as tote blasters and drum blasters, is used to clean each container precisely. IBC tote tanks and barrels are cleaned inside and out to give the containers a new look and feel. At TZ Containers, we’re always looking for used IBC tote tanks and poly barrels.

We buy used 275-gallon and 330-gallon IBC tote tanks along with plastic barrels nationwide. Please contact us if you need your IBC’s or drums picked up and we would be glad to help.

We offer the best quality

Our totes and barrels are in superior condition when they arrive at your facility. Our team takes special care of each container we handle.

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